The novels listed here are my current works in progress. These are also the books I intend on publishing at some point. In the future, I may also add abandoned projects and old pieces that may not be found on the shelves. Please read the description of each novel, located under the title, to see the status/progress of each novel.

I hope you read and enjoy what you see here. A lot of work goes into these pieces, so don't take them for granted. If you wish to continue reading further into a novel, stick around. They'll be out there for you some day, hopefully soon. I am just as eager as you are.

I ask that you not "borrow" any of my work. No matter your opinion, they are not yours to take. If I find out anyone has taken my work from this site to plagiarize (use without giving credit), to create fan fiction, or for role playing purposes, I will have to remove this section and shut the site down. There may also be lawsuits involved if it comes down to it. So please, be respectful.

Thank you again for taking an interest in my work. Enjoy.

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Kat Jenning // Shade Shadows

2913 was one of my original novel ideas, having come to me during homeroom in my sophomore year of high school after a dream about getting an MRI. I have come to think of Joanna and Xavier as close friends of mine at this point, having dealt with their stories since my novel-writing career began. Two complete drafts and three full edits took me about two years to finish, putting me at eighteen years old at 2913's completion. Most of this project was written in my homeroom, where I had access to a computer and silence for an hour and a half every other day during the week. The novel received raving reviews by peer readers, but was ultimately turned down by 31 literary agents in the summer of 2012. That being said, this novel is under construction and is going to be rewritten with better skill later on after I have finished my current project. There may also be a short story that goes with the novel at a later date. 2913 is an average sized novel, landing around 300-350 pages, written for people ages 14-18, although it should be enjoyable for adult audiences too.
The Prophecies of Hell: Aleksander's Army
My debut novel, Aleksander's Army, book one of the Prophecies of Hell series. Written under my real name, Kat Jenning. Aleksander's Army was not the first novel idea I attempted to work with. However, it is the most complex work I have ever tackled, dealing with several points of view, different planes of reality, and theological concepts that contradict most of what society has accepted as fact. Originally, the series was designed to be a trilogy. After several drafts and outlines, however, I determined that the series needed to be expanded by one book in either direction, bringing it to a grand total of five books. The drafting and outlining for Aleksander's Army began in the last half of 2012 during my senior year of high school. I have vivid memories of sitting in my journalism class after finishing articles for the newspaper and scribbling down scene ideas and chapter outlines. This is meant to be a longer novel, somewhere between 350-400 pages, for people ages 16 and older.