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Hey there, Skittle Heads

Once again, I知 terribly late uploading this month. But I知 not going to apologize, because the excuses are legitimate this time! Instead I値l jump right in and tell you that it痴 just after 10:00 PM here in Missouri, and rather than preparing for a good night痴 sleep, I知 sitting at my desk, with my fancy blue-light water pulsing music speakers, writing to you. You may be wondering, 的s this author going write about the election coming up tomorrow? or 的s she going to spam me with her political opinions that won稚 change anyone痴 mind? The answer is no. I save that for my personal Facebook. In all reality, I知 quite disinterested in the election this year. I have my opinions, and I know where my vote stands. But this isn稚 the place for doom, gloom, criminal action, and biased opinions. Here is the place where cool stuff happens幼ool stuff like concerts, novel progress, and graduate school news! Yeah!

The Personal Stuff

鉄o, what痴 been going on, Crazy Sporadic Writer Lady? Wellquite a bit, actually.

For starters, I知 still sick. It痴 been a month since my last post, and I can say that while I知 not bent over a trash can anymore, I知 still stuffy, wheezy, sleepy, and full of nasty green stuff. I think it痴 been five weeks now. Thankfully I have a doctor痴 appointment coming up next week, so here痴 to getting some more antibiotics! Or at least an explanation as to why this sinus infection/flu combination has turned into the plague. I swear I致e infected at least five people just by leaving my house. I知 sorry, flu people. I didn稚 mean to.

I致e missed quite a bit of school over the last several weeks, but not necessarily because of illness. One of the reasons I missed school, and probably the most important reason, was because of my GRE! That痴 right, I went and took my graduate school entrance exam a couple of weeks ago. It was literally the most stressful process in the world. I can稚 talk much about the test too much, because, you know, confidentiality agreements. But I will say that it wasn稚 as difficult as I thought it would be. I actually did pretty well. My scores were relatively high, especially considering I only had one month to study. I知 proud of myself, and while I might take it again if I don稚 get the scholarships I need, I知 satisfied for now. So, hooray!

I also celebrated my twenty-second birthday about two weeks ago. I feel so old It was a fantastic day, and another day that I took off school庸or a reason I will explain later on. I received an abundance of presents, including Green Day痴 Revolution Radio on limited edition red vinyl and on CD, Captain America: Civil War on DVD, new shoes, a new awesome fuzzy jacket, headphones, and a Dan and Phil compilation gift. My friend from school even bought me a gift card to V-Stock, this cool store that sells new and usedeverything. What did I buy? Five romance novels by Gena Showalter and a book called The Story of Edgar Sawtelle. There was one final gift from my familyThat I値l discuss later. Anyway, getting homemade pizza and a Hershey痴 triple chocolate cake put the topper on the entirety of it. I知 old, and I知 content with it. For now. :)

The Professional Stuff

徹kay, that痴 cool and all, but where痴 the spicy novel information!

I致e actually got stuff this time! Aren稚 you proud of me? As of this point, I致e completed chapters thirteen and fourteen, and I知 about half way through chapter fifteen. I致e even completed a handwritten draft of chapter sixteen. Working on my novel during my workshop class on Fridays has been incredibly inspirational, and the professor用ublished author John Dalton揺as been more than helpful in his critiques. I知 hoping that, if I get into graduate school, he値l continue to work with me and assist me in refining the sections that aren稚 working. At this point he has reviewed me as 渡ear professional and 砥nique, 殿n incredible writer for [my] age, and he claims that, if I can clean the entire thing up in the end, I値l take off fast in the publishing world. I知 not entirely sure if he痴 right, but he痴 got some experience in the field so I知 definitely taking his comments into account. That痴 a lot of pressure!

I haven稚 crafted any new short stories since the last time I posted, though I was considering doing another prequel installment for The Prophecies of Hell. If not, I may expand my current prequel into a novella to be inserted into a later book. I haven稚 decided yet.

My goal is still to finish book one before Christmas, but I don稚 see that happening with the way senior year at University is going. My ultimate last minute goal is around Easter. I definitely want it done before I graduate in May so that, if I get into graduate school, I enter with a completed novel that I can then spend my classes refining and fixing up. Either way, wish me luck! I知 going to try to set a regular schedule again, like I had last semester, where I write at least two chapters a week. With my spring semester incorporating an independent study, I may be able to make that happen, providing my professor用ublished poet Glenn Irwin擁s willing to work with me. He gets to construct the study, though, so we値l have to see. Regardless, you all should see more progress soon. After all of the raving reviews I致e been getting from workshop classmates and professors, I知 genuinely excited for you all to read Aleksander痴 Army. I hope it痴 as good as everyone says it is Again, that痴 so much pressure!

Story Time!

Short story time for you all. So my final birthday gift, as you know from last month痴 post, was a set of tickets to see Green Day live at the Pageant, a venue about thirty minutes away from where I live. This was really neat because the Pageant is incredibly small, and Green Day is a huge stadium band. So the format I was used to seeing in concert videos and the experience I had when I saw them in 2009 was completely out of the window. This would be something new.

We left my house around 4:00 PM on my birthday. It was supposed to be thunderstorming and cold, but God graced me with a special gift and made it relatively warm and overcast instead. My parents, my sister, and I ended up at the back of a line that was about a quarter mile long and growing by the minute. The doors were supposed to open at 6:30-7:00 PM. Instead they opened at 7:30, and it took until almost 8:00 to get in the door. We literally stood in line for almost three hours. They were late opening the doors, and the security was high預t the doors my sister and I went through a series of two or three pat-downs and body scans, then had to show ID痴 and pay a minor痴 fee for her, and then we were sectioned off into a corner for people 21 and under (which I stayed in because of my sister, who is only sixteen).

So my parents went about their way after my mom bought me handfuls of merchandise (thanks, Mommy!), including a limited edition poster, a jacket, and a t-shirt. My sister and I decided, once we were in, that we wanted to get as close to the stage as possible, which isn稚 exactly hard in a venue like the Pageant. We originally wanted to squeeze into the pit, but of course it was full of all the people who got in before we did. Instead we were forced into the minor痴 corner, far from the stage. After determining that this was an unacceptable view point to see the lords of punk, we used the excuse that we were looking for my friends (which we werefor a minute) and forced our way forward Into the barrier. The people standing there gave us a bunch of dirty looks, but they let us stay under the grounds that we 渡eeded a spot for everyone to meet up at. At this point we were about a baseball toss away from the stage. Not bad, right?

The opener plays and the lights come on afterwards (they were decently good), and this girl beside us asks us for her spot back. I figure people will be filtering out to pee and get drinks before Green Day, so I let her over. Which completely blocked my sister and my view from the stage. Instead of being grumpy, we spent the intermission talking to her, finding out what her Halloween plans were, and debating over who was, in reality, the bigger Green Day fan (obviously it was me, but you know how people are). Finally, Green Day came on, and I, quite literally, exploded. My sister and I shifted into suitable spots where we both could see around our friend, and so began the screaming. And crying. And singing and dancing. And more crying.

They opened with Know Your Enemy, Bang Bang , and Revolution Radio and got everyone all riled up before settling into some of their older tunes like Hitchin a Ride, Longview, and Basketcase. At this point, my sister and I traded spots, because she claimed to have the better viewpoint and said, since it was my birthday, that I should have the better view. I genuinely wanted to argue with her because she痴 never seen Green Day before, but she refused. Then, finally, about half way through the set, our friend and a couple of people left to get sodas. Lo and behold, the floor opened up just a little bit, and we both had perfect viewpoints for the rest of the show, though the people who left擁ncluding our friend謡ere pissed off (to put it lightly) that we didn稚 let them in after that. To be honest, I didn稚 notice they came back at all until the end of the show. Sorry, I知 not sorry!

We were acknowledged by Mike (the bassist) and Billie Joe (the guitarist and most beautiful man alive) a handful of times, which was pretty amazing. At one point, had we been two feet to the right, we could have touched them both. However, our spots weren稚 worth losing for that chance, especially since they weren稚 being as touchy in this show as they normally are. I知 also quite certain I elbowed the nice young man behind me about twelve times, and I know I scuffed his shoes. But one does not go to a Green Day concert and ignore Billie痴 demands to jump, sing, and put your hands in the air (literally, he won稚 let you. He calls people out that don稚 participate), so it had to be done. They played so many emotional songs, at least emotional to me. Their music has always meant so much to me, and to have them play all of the songs that made me fall in love with them and all of my new favorites from their new album was the absolute perfect birthday gift. And they didn稚 even realize it. I probably spent a good one third of the concert crying, either with joy and overwhelming excitement or because I was caught in a web of feelings.

The next two days were spent running a low fever and carrying around a sore throat, headache, ringing in my ears, and moderate nausea. I literally partied so hard that I made myself sick, and not in the sense that I accidentally made my professor think. I couldn稚 drink, remember? I was in the minor痴 corner. No, I legitimately wore myself out and dragged myself back into the flu I was almost out of. I still haven稚 recovered, though thankfully I don稚 have a fever anymore.

I have no regrets. And I can稚 wait for them to come back and wow me again. Birthday Happy to me!

It is now 11:00 PM where I am, and I have officially pulled every muscle in my back sitting at my laptop tonight. For those of you who don稚 know, I致e got nasty back and neck issues because of some nerve damage in my left shoulder, and prolonged computer time makes my bad shoulder spasm and cramp up all the way up my neck. Before this, I was crafting a four page essay for my English Literature class, so I致e been on my PC for quite a bit now. I知 going to call it quits for tonight. I will see you (or write you?) next month, where I should have more novel writing news and hopefully an exciting story of some kind.

Thanks for bearing with me as I struggle to earn this Bachelor痴 degree. One day I値l have a solid schedule for you, and I値l even have e-mail updates that tell you when I post! Cool, right? Oh, and by the way, yes my last post was covered in typos. Ha ha ha, you got me. Hopefully this one is a little bit neater. I triple checked it!

Best Regards and a Basket of Cavity-Ridden Sweets,

Kat Jenning // Shade Shadows

**Song of the month: Ordinary World -- Green Day**

**I know you池e all tired of Green Day, but. In honor of the concert, here痴 just one more. It痴 unlike any Green Day you致e ever heard, I promise. This is how he closed the concert before playing Good Riddance.**

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