Marching Forward

Hey, bunny rabbits.

I hope 2018 has been fabulous for you so far. Itís been a bit stressful for me to start, but Iím sure everything will slow down. Todayís blog may not be as long as usual, as itís my brotherís birthday, and he is coming down to where I live with his fiancť and their baby to celebrate. While Iíve got a moment though, letís recap the month.

The Professional Stuff

I havenít started editing my monstrous manuscript yet. The thing came to a grand total of 429 pages and cost a hefty sum to print at Office Max (note: their online services are cheaper than their in-person prices). Itís exactly two inches thick and weighs quite a bit. I received some funny looks walking out of the store with it last night, and not just because it was closing time and I needed them to stay open for an extra five minutes so I could check out. It took between ten and fifteen minutes to print. Iím pretty sure the machine was smoking by the time I was finished with it. I know I went through an entire package of computer paper and then some, and I probably emptied that ink cartridge. Oops!

Iíve been reading my editing guides religiously, and I feel like Iím learning quite a bit. I have one more Iíd like to go through, and then Iíll use the last one as my step by step/workshop book as I go along. Iím anticipating that the editing process will run through summer, and I already have a small list of beta readers lined up. I hope they enjoy the story as much as I do.

The outline for book two is complete (wellÖ as complete as it can be; itís only a skeleton and always subject to change), and Iíd like to get the drafting started after I get through with the first round of heavy editing and the beta readers reviews. Iíll estimate that will be late summer, early fall. How exciting! I canít wait for you guys to meet the new characters. Theyíre already some of my favorites.

I did not win the Writerís Digest short short story contest. I didnít place in the top ten. Thatís all right though. I wasnít anticipating a story like I submitted to win, and it was only a draft anyway. I wouldnít put it on the website yet, thinking about it. Maybe Iíll win next year. However, on a different note, Chicken Soup for the Soul is looking for submissions for specific types of stories. Two types theyíre looking for are ďLife Lessons from my CatĒ and ďLife Lessons from my DogĒ. I figure I can probably write a pretty good story about either one of those. You can submit your stories too! Check out the link here

The Personal Stuff

I havenít gone on too many adventures in the past few weeks. Itís been incredibly busy with job opportunities and watching babies. I finished Blood Vow and have moved on to Blood Fury. Iím only a couple of chapters in, but Iím enjoying it. Iím not sure what to read next, but Iím sure Iíve got some time to think about it.

There havenít been any parties or big friendship hangouts. I havenít gone anywhere out of the ordinary either. Ezra is now hand-trained, which pleases me and him. Sebastian is growing from a grumpy teenage boy into a grumpy young man. My dogs are as yappy and snuggly as ever. And my fish are doing swimmingly.

Hopefully next month, Iíll have some more to share, and potentially a novel excerpt on the horizon.

See you next month!

Best regards and a bundle of hay,

Kat Jenning // Shade Shadows

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