I Promise, This One is Better than Last Month!

Hey there, Santaís Helpers,

Youíll never believe where Iím writing this blog. I am currently sitting in a gymnasium in a church not far from my house, actively selling homemade crafts at a holiday-themed craft show. So far weíre doing pretty well, but the lunch lull has begun, so I thought Iíd start the blog that Iím 72 hours late writing. Donít worry; there wonít be any Rick and Morty analysis this time. Why? Because Iíve been working on my book! Check this out:

The Professional Stuff

For the first time in years, Iím finally down to the final four chapters of a novel! I was on a roll there for a little while, but with the craft shows and the holidays coming up, life got busy quick. I plan to finish the content writing for the final four chapters before the end of the month and begin editing by the first week in January. You have no idea how exciting this isóto be in the final stages of writing a book thatís almost six years old. Actually, I think itís going on seven years old now. Wow!

After I do my initial edits, Iíll be looking for readers to go through the novel from beginning to end and check my consistency as far as characters and plot line. Iíd also just like to know what some of you think before I go and start trying to wrangle an agent. I suppose I should also start drafting a query letter and a synopsis (literally the bane of my existence). Iím already working on an outline for book two, and thatís almost more exciting than finishing book one. If youíre interested in doing a read for me, let me know! Iíve got two people currently waiting for the email with the novel in it. Iím looking for perhaps five, maybe six total, and you would have to be able to breeze through a fantasy novel in about two weeks, maximum.

I have a list of short stories I need to get written too, so perhaps as Iím editing, Iíll go ahead and write some of those. If I were to publish those, how many of you would be interested? I might self-publish a small collection of realistic fiction stories. The fantasy ones that tie into the novel wonít be out for publishing until, at the earliest, the first book is out. Iím thinking Iíll hold off until the end of the series, seeing as right now there are only two short stories that go with the books. Theyíre long thoughÖ What do you think?

The Personal Stuff

Unlike last month, I havenít spent a lot of time on personal gain this time around. Iíve done a little reading, moving my way through The Chosen by J.R. Ward. I love it so much. I wish I had been able to start it earlier. The newest Black Dagger Brotherhood is coming out soon, and Iím only half way through. I feel so deprived! If you love J.R. Ward, remember her newest Black Dagger Legacy book is coming out in January, and the newest Brotherhood comes out in April, I believe. And if you love romance and the supernatural, or even if you donít like the supernatural, I highly recommend these books. Five billion out of ten stars, every single time. I still havenít had any luck finding an editing job, but Iím making my way through applications. If you know of any companies that need editors or content writers, let me know! Iím looking to get my foot in the door somewhere.

In case you didnít see my massive rant across every social media account, I get to meet Dan and Phil again! Theyíre doing another meet and greet and stage show, and my sister and I were able to snag one of the first VIP tickets. I think weíre two rows from the stage. I am so excited. Thatíll be happening in July. I suppose that was the highlight of my month.

I also am excited to tell you that a family friend and former teacher of mine is about to release his second novel on February 6, 2018! His author name is Joshua A. Johnston, and his new book is called Into the Void. If you havenít read his work before, you should totally check it out. Iím ecstatic for the new novel! Reading his stuff is literally like watching a Sci-Fi film in your head. I highly recommend his work. Go take a look! Right now! Do it!

Unfortunately I donít have a story for you this month, but Iím going to try to write one this month to post just for you! I have to get back to selling things now. Seems weíve got some competition! How exciting. See you next month!

Best regards and some melty snowballs,

Kat Jenning // Shade Shadows

**Song of the Month: Battle Symphony -- Linkin Park**

**This one has a lot to do with book one of the series, and since the book is almost done, I thought I'd start sharing some soundtrack bits! This one is for Mr. Aleksander D. Felix. Welcome to war, General.**
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