Coming Out of Hibernation for You

Hello Snowflakes.

Once again, this blog is incredibly late. I always try to post within the first seven days of the month, but with finals at University and a busy home schedule, I sort of forgot to look at the calendar. Thatís not to say I forgot about you. I would never do that. I like to think Iím a fairly decent person.

So, whatís been going on in the last 30+ days since I posted the November blog?
The Personal Stuff

Well, thereís not a whole lot of this going on. Iíve spent some time with friends in the last couple of weeks, just catching up and trying to reconnect with what I consider to be the better parts of humanity. Most of my friends live a ways away from me, so when they come into town, itís always a treat.

As I said, itís finals week at University. In the midst of praying I hold on to my grade point average, Iím also excited because this was my last Fall Semester as an undergraduate. Sixteen more weeks starting on January 17, 2017, and Iíll be done with my Bachelor of Arts in English. I would call it bittersweet. Iíve always been a fairly good student, and I consider school to be one of the only things Iím genuinely good at. What will I do without the educational system? Probably live in my parentsí basement. Or I could be an adult and get a day job, then slave over my novel at night. Itíll probably one of those two things. You decide.

Other than school, Iíve just been lying around the house watching AmazingPhil and danisnotonfire. My usual hobbies. I suppose I could be reading a spicy romance or crafting something off of Pinterest. ButÖ Why would I do that when I can do nothing and smile about it?

Letís move on to the professional bit before I embarrass myself any further, shall we?

The Professional Stuff

Iíve made a little bit more progress since November. Iíve completed chapters seventeen and eighteen, and I am actively working on chapter nineteen. My short term goal is to have part two of the novel completed before the end of my winter break. Thatís about four more chapters, not including the one Iím working on now. I donít think Iíll meet my goal of having the entire thing finished before January 1, 2017, but hopefully itíll be done before Easter. Iím not a procrastinator, but this is the fifth draft of this book, and I really want it to be perfect, so Iím taking my time. If I can set this up correctly, the next book should only take a year or two at the most. Hopefully not even that long. Iím already working on the outline for it.

One of these days Iíll have to tell you the entire story of how this book came to be. Maybe Iíll throw that into a readers guide somewhere.

Iím actively looking for contests to enter too. I have a piece that precedes my novel series that stands at about 13,000 words. I was thinking about entering it in a fiction magazine contest and seeing if I could potentially use it to kick off the release of the novel. Unfortunately, a lot of contests want shorter pieces. So Iíve been cleaning up some of my short stories too. After I post this, Iíll be moving over to the short fiction section to re-upload Daddy Still Wonders now that it is polished and clean. #Spon (Ha, Dan and Phil referenceÖ. Iím sorry).

Some Interesting Stuff Because Story Time Doesnít Exist This Month

So, there are a couple things Iíve been meaning to talk about with you all, but thereís never anywhere to put it. I guess here would be a good place. Tell me what you think about any of these points in the comment section of my Facebook page, or shoot me an email at (just in case you canít see it, but those are underscores, not spaces, in the email address).

---What sort of information/interactive content would you like to see on the blog? My top five books post from summer didnít go off as well as I thought it would, though I thought it was pretty cool. I want to be able to change it up for you guys. What are some things youíd like me to blog about? Some ideas I had are: top five worst reads, weird short stories about the zoo I live in (for example, why do my dogs scream like banshees instead of barking like normal freaking dogs), character profiles, weird habits, etc. It doesnít just have to be about writing, so long as I can write about it.

---Iíve been trying to make contact with AmazingPhil in hopes of interviewing him for the blog about English majors, graduate school, how English degrees in England vary from English degrees in the United States, and how important he feels English degrees are. So far I donít think Iíve made any progress. If you have a Twitter account and want to help me out, share this with Phil and maybe next month will be pretty fancy (his Twitter name is the verified @AmazingPhil and mine is @FictionMajor. Be sure to include us both so he knows who he's talking to). Iím a pretty good journalist, if my class in high school is any testimony to my skills, so it might be cool to read. And before you ask, yes, itís relevant. Phil has a BA in English (and a MA in Post-Production and Visual Effects)óit counts. This would also be used to potentially help out the English department at my university, as weíve been struggling a bit to get students into the program. We're slowly shrinking into nothing, and that makes me sad. Anyway, it'd be incredibly helpful. And pretty unique too.

Thereís your blog for December, folks. Iím sorry I donít have more to say, but finals kind of bog everything down and make it hard to function. Januaryís blog should be more than eventful. I have an entire month off! There should be some wicked stories to tell (can people still say wicked?). Look forward to that!

Best regards and an army of way-too-cheerful snowmen,

Kat Jenning // Shade Shadows

**Song of the month: Guiding Light -- Muse**

**I was feeling some Muse this month. It might persuade Phil to answer the tweet, because he loves Muse, but it's also one of my favorite songs this month. Enjoy!**

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