Aw Geez, Wh-why Did I Analyze That?

Howdy, Turkeys!

Well, itís been one exciting month, though I must say it wasnít the most productive. As there has little to no progress on the book this month, I figured Iíll skip the Professional Stuff segment. There will be more on that end at the end of this month; Iím going to crack down and try to get the rest of the book and a short story pumped out before the New Year begins. Iím frustrated with myself for not getting anything done, but once you see what went on, youíll understand. Or not. Here is my list of excuses:

The Personal Stuff

First of all, my birthday happened. That was on October 26. I received tons of amazing gifts, including SleepPhones, The Hollow Crown on DVD, a Rick and Morty color book, Pusheen and Bananya merch, a Chester Bennington memorial shirt, and Stephen King books. My sister also had a Blink 182 cake made that read ďNobody Likes You When Youíre 23Ē. If you donít get it, you either donít listen to Blink or youíre uncultured swine. Best of all, I finally received a brand new phone: a Samsung S8. Let me tell you, Iíve spent my entire life fighting to stay away from actual smart phones. Theyíre always so big, and I have tiny hands and fingers. Not to mention, I fully believe that a phone should be for text, talk, and pictures only. Well, now my phone has a handful of games on it now, and social media apps too. I take pictures all the time. I love it so much. And itís small for my tiny hands. Thanks, Mom and Dad!

I also have to tell you that my brand new niece, Ms. Vera Lyn, was born a week and a day before my birthday. We drove down to Kirksville to see her the day after she was born, and spent the entire afternoon with her. She is literally the perfect baby. I am sad that she is so far away, but I should be going to see her again soon. I think she looks like me. :)

Later in the month, I had a sick Halloween party with a bunch of my good friends. We all dressed up as various things. There was a vampire slayer, an evil queen, and the Joker to name a few. My boyfriend and I went to pop culture hell and went as Rick and Morty. I made a pretty good Morty if I say so myself. Iíve already got my costume for next year too because Hot Topic sent us the jacket we needed way too late (we ended up getting the lab coat from Spirit, thank you Dominic) and wouldnít let us return it. So next year, I will take advantage of my height and baby face, and I will be TINY RICK! Anyway, we spent the evening eating awesome food and enjoying the spooky atmosphere that my mom and I created while playing Cards against Humanity. Thanks to all who came!

Speaking of Rick and Morty, thatís another excuse. My sister got me hooked on the show about a month ago with the Mr. Meeseeks episode, and I havenít stopped watching it since. I didnít necessarily binge watch it, but I did go through it all. I just finished season three last night. I have a theory about it, which Iíll explain in a moment. I have to say, as stupid as the show seems, itís quite good. Kind of like chicken nuggets: theyíre so good but so bad for you. The story is great, the characters are hysterical. Crude jokes aside, itís one of the better shows Iíve seen. Iím wrapped up in it. And Iím picky about my television shows. I think I like it because itís different from anything Iíve ever watched, in some weird way. And from what Iíve researched, the show actually does have some validity to it. Many of the jokes and science theories come from literature, theories from other countries, and stuff like that. I hear thereís a ton of literal intelligence behind the show, but they mask it with crude humor. Then it appeals to all crowds, which I appreciate from an artistic standpoint. Does the show make people smarter? No, I donít think so. Do I think itís just another stupid adult cartoon? No, I donít. Thereís some sustenance and depth to this one. I think thatís why Iím so drawn to it. Itís like a giant puzzle.

It makes me sad that the fandom is already split into people who actually like the show for what it is and people who just like the filth and the crude humor like itís just another Adult Swim rerun. Remember, kids, every fandom has psychos. Donít be the dude that only watches for the sex jokes and jumps the counter at Micky Dís because they didnít get the Szechuan Sauce. Please. Be smart and actually pay attention to the story and character development, and itís actually a fantastic show. Itís getting darker, I think. I canít wait for season four. What will happen with Rick kicked off the family throne? Will he sell Jerry on the Black Market? And what about this business with Evil Morty being president over the citadel? Will they find out and assassinate him? Gah, I canít stand the anticipation.

Since I havenít been putting my creative energy into writing my novel this month, Iíve put it into analyzing Rick and Morty as if itís a literary novel. The English major in me canít help but do that. Anyway, hereís my theory. Nobody really liked the ending of season three. People didnít like season three in general because it was more story than crude humor, but letís set that aside and just focus on the ending. People didnít like it. But what if you werenít supposed to? Think about this. Rick spent the entire season going on grand, life changing adventures, and building up his relationships with Beth and Morty specifically. His life was getting easier. What was the one thing he couldnít prevent? Something as simple as keeping Jerry out of his house. All that cool stuff he did, and he couldnít get rid of Jerry. And thus, he is removed from his throne as patriarch. The family barely tolerates him in the last ten minutes of the show and even asks him to leave because they want Jerry to stay. Rick has literally been displaced after all of the effort he put in to establish his spot. But he doesnít leave. He makes peace with the president under the identity of another Rick, and in doing so, he solidifies his place in the universe with his family. He isnít going anywhere. Yet heís still massively frustrated, annoyed, and unsatisfied. Right? Well, how did you feel about the season ending? Massively frustrated. Annoyed. Unsatisfied. Your emotions match up with Rickís. Itís supposed to be that way. Youíre supposed to feel what Rick feels. Thatís why at the end of season one, you were happy and laughing and satisfied, like Rick. And at the end of season two, you cried (donít lie to me; you cried) and screamed ďFREE RICK!Ē because thatís what Rick felt. The audience, I think, is meant to be totally tied to Rick. Youíre supposed to feel what he feels. He isnít satisfied with the way it ended, so neither are you.

Arguably, I donít think season four will be anything like season one, despite what Beth said. In season one, the family was dysfunctional and Jerry was misplaced. Now theyíre leaning toward completely nuclear in structure. Thatís going to change things, and so is this business with evil Morty being president of the citadel. Rick is going to have to change the game a little bit in order to not lose Morty to the nuclear family trope, at least. And despite the rule that Ricks donít care about Mortys, itís obvious that C-137 does, in fact, really care about his Morty and his Mortyís opinion of him as a person. So promise me you wonít blow it off until you give it a few episodes when it comes out. I need people to analyze with, and if you know anything about me, you know Iím going to go deeper into this until I figure out all the puzzles and hints that the creators dropped. Itís my one downfall. When I get into something, I get into it. Watch Rick and Morty with me, and Iíll make it more than just a television show. Iíll turn it into a perfect piece for a Lit Crit class. Oops.

Now that Iíve thoroughly wasted your time with cartoon analysis and life stories, Iíll let you go back to your totally normal life. Next month, I hope to have even better writing news. So stay tuned! Donít run away because I analyzed Rick and Morty. Just roll with it and remember that you're just as big of a dumpster about something or other as I am.

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Best regards and a scoop of stuffing,

Kat Jenning // Shade Shadows

**Song of the Month: We Don't Have to Dance -- Andy Black**

**Iíve recently delved into Andy Blackís most recent solo album, and Iím drooling over it. Check this out and feel blessed I didnít troll you with the Rick and Morty opening, because I thought about it.* Just to annoy haters.*
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