Aleksanderís Army Ė Book One of The Prophecies of Hell©

In a bloody, no rules war against the innocent, there is only one human-hybrid demon who can preserve the state of present time as we know it. His name? Aleksander Dakota Felix.


Jess is a slave to the devilís private army who has never seen the light of day. She spends her days locked in the dark, subject to cycles of abuse and starvation, with only a broken stone dagger to protect herself. She is also the devilís daughteróthe third child in line for the throneÖ if she is able to prove herself as more than just an inconvenience to her fatherís luxurious lifestyle.

Aleksander Felix is a young man living in the heart of Chicago with his mother and twin brother Lukas. Abandoned by his father as an infant, Alek struggles to keep his family in one piece despite his brotherís insistence that their father is dead and his motherís belief that Dakota is still out there looking for them somewhere. Filled with rage and teenage angst, it isnít surprising when life throws another curve ball Alekís way. What is surprising, however, are Alek's color-changing eyes...

As Satan begins his demonic holocaust in an effort to throw the balance in Hellís favor, he sends out his youngest daughter to hunt down the only obstacle in his way, a young human-hybrid who hasnít yet discovered his heritage. If she is able to find him in two monthsí time, she will never serve another day locked away in the basement of Satanís summer home in the Hell Realms. With the assistance of Lieutenant Ezra, a former soldier and confidant of Satan, Jess is able to locate the one she seeks, but after listening to Ezra, she isnít sure turning him in to the devil is the right course of actionÖ

In an effort to find answers concerning his fatherís disappearance and the nature of his genetics, Aleksander agrees to accept the offer of the two demon advocates who solicit him and become general of a growing rebellion army in Hell. There is only one problemÖ Alek has never fought a war before. He knows nothing of battle strategy, of murder, or even of recruiting less-than-willing soldiers. In order to get the job done right, he will have to rely heavily on Ezra and Jess for training and guidance. But how can he bring himself to trust demons, supposed advocates of Satan, when he canít even trust his own instincts?

Thrust into a world above both of their heads, Alek and Jess must gather the recruits, train the soldiers, and be prepared to fight back against the forces of Satan in another round of a centuries-old war that heritage brought them intoÖbefore the devil discovers their intentions and wipes out the remains of what we have come to know as reality.

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