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Sixteen year old Joanna Sage has always been a little strange and out of step with the rest of the world, but now with the power to create and control the heated elements, she’s taking strange to a whole new level as experiment number 2913.

Joanna has been living as an angry outcast in Hillsboro, North Dakota for most of her life. Her family has been broken and bitter ever since her older brother and best friend Kevin joined the army four years ago. On the day of Kevin’s annual visit, Joanna faces her worst nightmare – murder. Kidnapped by the scientists who slaughtered her family, Joanna is taken to the formidable Arizona State Institution, a secret research facility that isn’t known to exist, even in the eyes of the government. Under the direction of founder Carlos De Lago and rebelling co-founder Steven Andrews, Joanna’s blood is altered with a special, one of a kind plasma mixture, giving her abilities thought only to be in comic books. She now holds the power to create and control fire and lightning. This makes Joanna the rarest experiment in the system – experiment number 2913. Neglected and abused by the doctors, Joanna finds herself alone, trusting no one until she meets Xavier Dragonslay, a reclusive young man and with extraordinarily dark past. Joanna and Xavier have two goals: stay alive and stick together. Working as a team, they are two halves of the one key that will destroy the Arizona State Institution. They have made it their mission to escape from the institution alive, but that’s easier said than done when everyone around you is out for your blood.

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